Wine selection is done in small groups, according to the discoveries of the moment. We regularly receive samples of winemakers wishing to participate in vino-delikatesy adventure, and wishing to develop their range internationally.

Vino Delikatesy, it's more than 50 winegrowers divided in 7 countries.

We seek above all a quality / price allowing us to discover real pearls to our customers. Some appellations are trendy, such as Chablis, Champagne, etc., but some are still underestimated, Minervois, Saint Chinian, etc. Our role is also to respond to this demand, often soliciting small winegrowers (6 winegrowers have less than 6 hectares).

However, we do not stop at the French borders and also explore the most typical wines from each region of the old continent, and discover wines from the new world.

Bonarda is for example a grape present in Argentina, which few people know, as Malbec has taken over the lead. We love it!

With more than 100,000 bottles sold since the creation in 2017, we position ourselves as a company with strong growth, as well as very high quality service.

Test our wines, you will not be disappointed!