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Wine region Bohemia (Čechy) is the coldest wine region in the Czech Republic. The total area under vines is only 644 ha covering only 4% from the entire planted area in Czechia.  According to the latest wine law, this region is divided into two sub-areas: Mělnická and Litoměřická. 

The first vines in Bohemia (9th century) were planted in the Mělník sub-region. The local calcareous soil is ideal for growing white varieties such as Riesling, Cabernet Blanc, Traminer or Sylvaner (a.k.a. Silvaner or Grüner Silvaner). The dominant black local varieties are: Pinot Noir (Rulandské modré), Blauer Portugieser (Modrý Portugal) or St. Lawrence (Svatovavřinecké).


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